2006 Exclusive Interview with

Discoverer of the A-Spot

Pioneer of the A-SPOT Stimulation Technique

Member of 500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century
(American Biographical Institute)

Q: Good morning, Dr. Chua.

Dr Chua: Good morning!

Q: Thank you for having this interview. Dr Chua, you discovered the infamous A-Spot in 1993 and subsequently you kept completely quiet about it. That’s a very long period of silence – 13 years to be exact!

Dr Chua: Haha

Q: What makes you want to disclose it now?

Dr Chua: Okay, there are actually 3 reasons:
First thing is, the media hyped only on the discovery of my A-Spot or the AFE Zone in 1994 and completely forgot about the fact that I pioneered the A-Spot/AFE Zone Stimulation Technique.
Now, this is a therapeutic procedure to help women overcome their lubrication and orgasmic problems.
So to me actually, the A-Spot Stimulation Technique is more important than the discovery of the A-Spot itself.
Secondly, being a very radical sex therapy technique that goes against the grain of conventional thinking, I felt that enough time should be given to test out its efficacy and safety.
I have used this technique over the past 13 years with very good, consistent and dramatic results.
So now, I feel extremely confident that this technique can be disclosed to women all over the world.
And lastly, I have actually been waiting for others to duplicate my research findings and to confirm my results.
But, unfortunately, up to today, no sexologist has duplicated my research work.
Maybe they were not brave enough to do so.

Q: Doctor. Why do you say sexologists were not brave enough to do what you have done?

Dr Chua: You see, the A-Spot Stimulation Technique involves manual stimulation of special centres in a woman’s vagina using one’s finger.
So, in many countries, doctors/sexologists are not allowed to have any physical contact with the patient.

Actually, this ethical constraint can easily be overcome by using a “pelvic model” to demonstrate the stimulation technique.
This method is actually clearly shown in my video presentation.

Q: In simple layman terms, could you explain to us what exactly is the A-Spot Stimulation Technique?

Dr Chua: This is a revolutionary sex therapy procedure that enables a woman to get ready for sexual intercourse within 1 minute. This procedure works even thoughthe woman may be physically tired or her mind is pre-occupied with something else.
This do-it-yourself vaginal stimulation technique does away with the reliance on a partner for good foreplay.
The best thing about this technique is that it is very simple to learn and it works well for both young as well as menopausal women. This technique actually works best for women with complaints of chronic vaginal dryness.

Q: What made you come up with this technique, Doctor?

Dr Chua: A woman can be a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter-in-law. But this is not good enough. If she does not perform well in bed, she could be kicked out of the matrimonial home by her husband. This is a terrible price to pay for poor sexual performance.
Women, who have poor lubrication response, cannot enjoy sex. I encountered many women patients who complained of dry painful intercourse every time. Physically they were suffering, and emotionally they were highly stressed because of their sexual predicament.
I found that conventional methods of treatment did not give satisfactory results. So I started to search for a local reflex mechanism in the vagina to induce lubrication response. I found it in 1993, and the rest is history.

Q: Since your discovery of the A-Spot, numerous websites have sprung up telling people how to access the A-Spot. What comments do you have on this matter?

Dr Chua: All of these websites capitalized on my discovery of the AFE Zone or ASpot for purely commercial gain. None of them had access to what I actually knew.
Without the real knowledge and correct information regarding my therapeutic technique, a lot of wrong and misleading information has been given to the public via these websites. For example, one website informs you that the AFE Zone or A-Spot is located at the back wall of the vagina. This is completely wrong!
So I guess this is also another reason why I had to come forward and set things right once and for all.

Q: Why is it that other sexologists are not using your technique?

Dr Chua: Actually many sexologists and doctors have been exposed to my A-Spot Stimulation Technique during my presentations. However, they have never received any in-depth training. So probably because of that, they actually do not know enough how to carry out this procedure properly. Moreover, there’s also the ethical issue of physical contact between the therapist and the patient.

Q: Doctor, is it very difficult to learn your technique?

Dr Chua: The AFE Zone or A-Spot Stimulation Technique is actually very simple and easy to master. You only need to know the right centers in the vagina and the correct sequence of stimulating these centers. Once you have been taught this technique, you will be surprised how simple the whole procedure is! Watch my workshop video presentation.

Q: You also claimed that your technique is supposed to give very dramatic and fast results. How do we know that your technique really works? What proof have you got?

Dr Chua: I can substantiate that the A-Spot Stimulation Technique dramatically speeds up lubrication as well as erotic sensitivity response in women based on a local reflex mechanism in the vagina.
If a woman practices the technique correctly, she can lubricate within 5-10 seconds, and become orgasmic by 1-2 minutes!
Skeptics, of course, will doubt the authenticity of my statements. The proof lies in my serial video recording of a patient over 4 therapeutic sessions, a time span of only 11 days. This video recording forms a vital part of my workshop video presentation. Seeing is believing!

Q: Doctor, have you any other comments before we conclude the interview?

Dr Chua: Yes. I have 3 additional comments.
My first comment is this: Women with sexual difficulties are generally too shy to see a doctor or a sexologist for their problems. This is especially so in traditional cultures.
In introducing this website: www.aspot-pioneer.com , I allow shy women and shy couples to have easy access to my A-Spot Stimulation Technique right in the privacy of their homes. Hence, there is no fear of being socially stigmatized for seeing a sexologist or attending a sex therapy workshop.
Secondly, I do not want people to get the wrong impression that the A-Spot Stimulation Technique is meant only for women with sexual problems. A woman with a normal sex life can still reap many benefits from learning this technique. Existing sexual performance can be improved by leaps and bounds. The quality of sexual enjoyment continues to improve over time.
And my final comment is this: Conventional therapeutic measures address the brain as the sole processor of sensual information. My A-Spot Stimulation Technique deliberately circumvents the brain and works via a local reflex mechanism in the vagina. Let me give you an example.
Imagine yourself touching a hot kettle. The moment your hand touches the kettle, automatically your hand will withdraw from the kettle. This is caused by a local reflex action that bypasses the brain. Now, such a mechanism also exists in a woman’s vagina, which would allow her to lubricate on demand.
So, because of this reflex mechanism, she does not have to wait for the brain to send the “get ready for sex” message to the vagina. And because of this, the woman’s vagina lubricates within a few seconds.
I, therefore, welcome sexologists and sex therapists all over the world to refer
“difficult-to-manage” female clients to my website so that these women can benefit from a totally new, radical, sex therapy procedure.

Q: Thank you, Dr. Chua. Indeed, it has been a very informative session.

Dr Chua: Thank you.

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