A-Spot Stimulation Technique

This is the latest state-of the-art sex therapy technique to help women quickly overcome their problems of poor vaginal lubrication and low levels of vaginal erotic sensitivity.

This revolutionary technique was pioneered by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian sexologist and reproductive health care physician from Ipoh, Malaysia to help women who suffered from dry painful intercourse.

In 1993 he discovered a new erogenous zone in a woman’s vagina and called it the AFE Zone (anterior fornix erogenous zone) or what is popularly now known as the A-spot. Coincidently at the same time he discovered the existence of a neural pathway in the anterior vaginal wall that controlled reflex vaginal lubrication.

Tapping the erogenous properties of the anterior vaginal wall and the reflex lubrication pathway, Dr. Chua was able to induce vaginal lubrication and erotic sensitivity very quickly in women with his A-spot Stimulation Technique.

This technique has the therapeutic advantage of working many times faster than conventional sex therapy techniques. It is definitely cheaper and gives more consistent results.

Women, who practice this A-Spot Stimulation Technique regularly, can expect to lubricate in as fast as between 5-10 seconds and be able to enjoy multiple orgasms!

Who can use the A-Spot Stimulation Technique?

Women with dry vagina or painful intercourse problems

Insufficient vaginal lubrication is the root cause of most cases of dry, painful sexual intercourse in women.

Physical trauma to the vagina during dry intercourse can produce varying degrees of abrasions and tears to the vaginal wall. In mild cases, the woman complains of a burning sensation in her vagina following intercourse. In severe cases, sharp excrutiating pain in the vagina or pelvis may be felt together with pelvic muscle cramps.

With the A-Spot Stimulation Technique, women can expect to lubricate in as fast as between 5-10 seconds, thus minimizing the risk of painful sexual intercourse, especially for women suffering from Endometriosis related pains.

It may also save lives by preventing recurring urinary tract infection due to dry sexual intercourse.

Men and Women who seek quality sexual enjoyment

Who does not want to enjoy sex? When it comes to sex, every man and woman wants to get the most out of a sexual encounter. Most women actually prefer foreplay to penetrative sex.

Ideally for a woman, she needs a skilled lover who can give her multiple orgasms every time they have sex. This means that the male partner must not only be good at foreplay but also at penetrative sex.

Unfortunately, such good male lovers are a rare commodity and difficult to come by. Many men lack lovemaking skills. In addition most men do not place importance on adequate foreplay and straightaway want to penetrate the vagina the moment they achieve an erection.

Furthermore, many men suffer from premature ejaculation, which obliterates any chance of a woman reaching orgasm from penile-vaginal contact.

So the woman has to rely on other ways to facilitate her vaginal lubrication.

It would be ideal if the woman can lubricate naturally. According to the latest understanding of female sexual response, based on the findings of a neural reflex pathway in the vagina, a woman’s vagina can be trained to improve her lubrication and erotic sensitivity response.

This can be achieved by practicing the A-Spot Stimulation Technique. With reliable and rapid onset of vaginal lubrication, increased vaginal erotic sensitivity and strengthened pelvic floor muscles, a woman can be pushed to enjoy greater heights of sexual enjoyment!

The Facts (Not Myths!)

  • It does not require “ingestion” of anything whatsoever
    No pharmaceutical drugs, dubious herbs, oysters, tiger genitals, etc.
  • It does not require any “equipment” whatsoever
    No dildos, sex toys, etc. You do not need them for the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUETM to work. And once you’ve tried the Technique, then you probably won’t want those toys anymore!
  • It does not require the ability to assume any kind of “sexual positions”
    Most of these hot-surefire-guaranteed-to-give-you-explosive-orgasms sexual positions advocated by books, tapes and websites are great… only if you’re a professional contortionist! Other wise, they are just plain ridiculous, impossible to do and downright dangerous in some cases. And worst of all, they just don’t work!
  • It does not involve any form of “psycho-analysis”
    In other words, no couch-therapy, no answering 200-question surveys about couples’ likes and dislikes, no revisiting your abusive childhood years and “moving on” sessions. These long therapy sessions are tedious, expensive, and does little, if at all, to help you get instantly aroused for sex and experience multiple orgasms!
  • It does not involve any form of the “zen” arts
    Meditation, a hot bubble bath, scented candles, soft music, a nice back rub… these may all be great for de-stressing after a long day. But for improving your sex life, there are two fundamental problems here…think “practicality” and “spontaneity”!
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