Every stroke is an orgasm

“Every stroke is an orgasm!”

lubricating within 10 seconds!

“...she was lubricating within 10 seconds!”

multiple orgasms

“I never thought I could experience multiple orgasms!”

No more dry painful

“No more dry painful intercourse. Thank you, thank you and thank you.”

What are these women (and men) talking about?

They are all raving about the truly amazing


Sexologist/Reproductive Health Care Physician

Discoverer of the A-SPOT

Pioneer of the A-SPOT Stimulation Technique

American Biographical Institute
certified Dr. Chua as one of the
500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century

American Biographical Institute certified
Dr. Chua as one of the
500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century

Dr. Chua’s A-Spot research was published in the prestigious British Journal of Sexual & Marital Therapy Vol. 12 1997

2006 Exclusive Interview

with Dr Chua

In this Interview, you will hear from the good doctor himself…

  • Why he waited 13 years before deciding to share this technique with the public
  • What exactly is the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™
  • Why this technique is different from any other sex therapy methods in the world
  • What is the secret behind the technique that produces such immediate and dramatic results

The best thing about the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™ is that:

  • It does not require “ingestion” of anything whatsoever. (So, no pharmaceutical drugs, dubious herbs, oysters, tiger genitals, etc)
  • It does not require any “equipment” whatsoever. (So, no dildos, sex toys, etc. If they’re your thing, fine, carry on. But you do not need them for the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE to work. And once you’ve tried the Technique, then you probably won’t want those toys anymore!)
  • It does not require the ability to assume any kind of “sexual positions”. (Most of these hot-surefire-guaranteed-to-give-you-explosive-orgasms sexual positions advocated by books, tapes and websites are great… only if you’re a professional contortionist! Other wise, they are just plain ridiculous, impossible to do and downright dangerous in some cases. And worst of all, they just don’t work!)
  • It does not involve any form of “psycho-analysis”. (In other words, no couch-therapy, no answering 200-question surveys about couples’ likes and dislikes, no revisiting your abusive childhood years and “moving on” sessions. These long therapy sessions are tedious, expensive, and does little, if at all, to help you get instantly aroused for sex and experience multiple orgasms – which is what you want, right?)
  • It does not involve any form of the “zen” arts. (Meditation, a hot bubble bath, scented candles, soft music, a nice back rub… these may all be great for de-stressing after a long day. But for improving your sex live, I see two fundamental problems here. Think “practicality” and “spontaneity”. Enough said.)
Simple to perfor

Simple to perform!

Gives immediate results

Gives immediate results!

Improves sexual respons

Improves sexual response!

And that’s the real beauty of the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™.

But talk is cheap! Empty claims are a dime a dozen!
At the end of the day…

Seeing is believing!

For the first time ever, Dr. Chua will reveal every detail of his A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™ via online video streaming format. This way, more people can have access to this amazing technique.

is a live-recording of an actual A-Spot Stimulation Technique Workshop conducted by Dr. Chua. What you will see in these videos is exactly what the participants saw during the workshop.

You will see for yourself the patient’s amazing improvement and total transformation in her sexual responses and her ability to enjoy sexual intimacy with her spouse.

You will witness with your own eyes how Jenny transformed from someone who dreaded sex with her husband to someone who looks forward to intimacy, to the point where she testifies to even having sexual thoughts of her husband during the day

The most valuable part of this entire Workshop, as professed by all our customers, is the live recording of “Jenny’s therapy sessions”. In this video, you will literally be looking over Dr. Chua’s shoulder as he performed the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™ on the patient Jenny over four therapy sessions.

A-Spot Stimulation Technique 25th Anniversary Message from Dr Chua

2018 Update:
In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of his pioneering work to shorten female sex therapy time, and to convince the whole world that Jenny’s remarkable recovery was by no means a fluke shot, Dr. Chua has added another two video footages of his patients (Madam Y and Madam L) to prove once and for all that his revolutionary sex therapy technique, The A-Spot Stimulation Technique, really works! So, all in all you get to see the dramatic responses of not just one but three different women, who suffered painful intercourse following chronic vaginal dryness!

The A-Spot Live Videos Package includes:

  • Module 1: Women’s Sexual Performance
  • Module 2: Introducing the A-Spot
  • Module 3: Locating the A-Spot using the Pelvic Model
  • Module 4: The A-Spot Stimulation Technique
  • Module 5: Live Video Recording of Treatment (Sessions 1 to 4)
  • Module 6a: Participants Q&A – Part 1
  • Module 6b: Participants Q&A – Part 2
  • Module 6c: Participants Q&A – Part 3
  • Module 7: A Special Case Study – From Very Dry to Very Wet
  • Module 8: Clinical Statistics of 271 Women Treated
  • Module 9: Summary & Practical Tips
  • Module 10: Video footage: Case study Madam Y “From Very Dry to Very Wet” (31.37 minutes). 2018 new video!
  • Module 11: Video footage: Amplification of frequency and intensity of orgasms in Madam L using the A-Spot technique (55.28 minutes).   2018 new video!

Dr Chua charged US$599 per participant
for his one-day workshop.
Right now, you can have access to the exact same knowledge online for just US$180.
(That’s a savings of US$419 there!)

Compared to the standard US$200 or more per session fee charged by most sex counsellors or therapists, this one-time fee of US$180 charged by Dr Chua is a very good bargain!
(Conventional treatment methods normally take between 6-16 weeks to
produce results! So, your total consultation bill
can turn out to be quite hefty!)

And you can view the videos
as many times as you like for 12 months,
and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
(That’s something which participants at the
workshops were really wishing for.)


see what they say

The A-Spot Stimulation Technique has very quickly and dramatically helped many women overcome chronic sexual problems such as dry painful intercourse, poor vaginal lubrication, poor vaginal sensitivity, difficulty in getting aroused sexually, and inability to reach orgasms.

It’s too good to be true! With just one therapy session my whole sex life has changed for the better!


46 yrs
With menopause I was very dry and sex was painful. Nowadays I can lubricate easily and enjoy sex.

Shirley Ong

54 yrs
Previously I always tried to avoid sex. Nowadays I enjoy intimacy with my husband much to his surprise and delight!

Amy C

44 yrs
Previously I could get orgasms only through masturbation. Nowadays it is orgasms all the time with vaginal intercourse.

Judy L

50 yrs
I used to suffer from frequent urinary tract infection. Following this therapy, these problems have since not recurred.

Lillian L

36 yrs
Since my last childbirth 6 months ago I had loss of libido. With just one therapy session, my libido has come back!

Crystal L

30 yrs
Halfway through intercourse I normally dry up and sex after that becomes very painful. Nowadays I can lubricate all the way.

Lorraine L

42 yrs
It normally takes me a long time to get wet. Nowadays it takes less than 5 seconds! I just can’t believe it!

Esther C

51 yrs
Previously I had to rely on KY jelly every time we had sex. Nowadays I can lubricate naturally anytime!

Lindsay L

28 yrs
Difficulty in reaching orgasms is a matter of the past after learning this simple technique.

Sarojini M

41 yrs
I never knew I could lubricate so well. Sex was a torture each time before the therapy!

Rohani M

36 yrs
I don’t have to rely on my husband’s foreplay to turn me on anymore!

Umi M

35 yrs
My vagina is no longer painful and sore. I can enjoy sex anytime.

Samantha S

35 yrs
My husband comes too quickly. With this technique, I can experience orgasms even though his performance time remains the same.

PS Pang

29 yrs
Previously I avoided sex as much as possible. Nowadays I enjoy sex. What can be better!

Hamidah H

24 yrs
Throughout my whole married life of 15 years I have never really enjoyed sex. Now I do! Thank you, doctor

Letchumy M

35 yrs
My libido was very poor and pornographic videos were of no help. Thanks to the A-Spot Stimulation Technique I am a woman reborn!

Louise L

37 yrs
Just one exposure to the A-Spot Stimulation Technique and my sex life has changed completely. This is Formula 1 sex therapy! Unbelievable!

Tanya T

29 yrs
Imagine, with only 4-5 strokes of my finger, my vagina is fully wet and ready for sex!

Coco Lee

25 yrs
In the past orgasms were a matter of sheer luck. Nowadays it is there all the time!

Eunice C

30 yrs
My sex life is totally different now following A-Spot Stimulation Therapy.

Theresa T

After learning the technique, I can reach orgasms very easily

Farrah P

36 yrs
I have never experienced such levels of lubrication and erotic sensitivity in my whole life.


P 36 yrs
It is simply mind-blowing. Every stroke ( in and out) is an orgasm!

Rosie L

39 yrs
The more frequently I practice the technique, the better I enjoy sex!


38 yrs
In the past I dreaded sex every time because it was dry and painful. After just one therapy session I was cured!

Eliza Lee

44 yrs
The moment I put my finger inside, I was almost orgasmic! It’s unbelievable!

Susan H

28 yrs
One moment I was dreading sex and the next moment I was enjoying multiple orgasms. It’s too good to be true!

Siti H

40 yrs
Even with good foreplay, my lubrication remained poor. With this new technique, I lubricate very well each time we have sex!

Leela S

34 yrs
Previously I always dried up halfway through sex and had to resort to using KY Jelly. Lubrication for me now is no longer a problem.

Sarifah M

23 yrs
This technique has dramatically changed my sex life!

Salmiah B

28 yrs
My sexual performance keeps on improving day by day. Unbelievable!

Halimah B

36 yrs
Sex feels very different after learning the A-Spot Stimulation technique.

Rosie Y

43 yrs
Previously I never liked deep penetration. Now I do!

Veronica P

Sex had always been dry and painful until I learnt the A-Spot Stimulation Technique!

Suppa V

46 yrs
I still could not believe that I could lubricate so well within 5 seconds!

Jasmine L

48 yrs
Previously I never liked sex. Nowadays I enjoy countless orgasms!

Charmaine L

34 yrs
In the past I had low libido and hardly ever experienced orgasms. I enjoy sex now and get orgasms very easily

Susie Wong

37 yrs
Phew! Just one therapy session and my lubrication problems were over.

Rupiah M

36 yrs
Following childbirth I completely lost interest in sex. With only just one therapy session I regained back my sex desire!

PC Chin

29 yrs
Reaching orgasms is no longer a problem after learning this simple technique!

Aini Z

35 yrs